About Me

Hello there! It seems you have made your way to my ’About Me’ page. I am glad the navigation is working.

Now, you probably came here to learn about me and my life.

My name is Zebaniah, however, I prefer to be called Zeb. Too many mispronunciations. I live part time in my RV with my family, part time in a house in Oregon, part time in a house in North Carolina. I live in a family of 6 + 2 dogs. I am the second oldest of 4. My favorite pastimes are reading, thinking, and sometimes solving complicated math problems in my head. An example of said complicated math problems is 46x+34=x(26*3+2)-x. 34=80x-46x; x=1. Some books that I am reading right now are The Code Breaker by Walter Isaccson, and African Myths of Origin, selected and retold by Stephen Belcher, both are linked with Amazon links.

I hope you have enjoyed learning with me, and I shall see you at my next destination.