Te Puia 2.0 – Te Rā – School and Sulfur in Rotorua, NZ

We liked Te Puia so much the first time that we returned on Thursday morning for another tour. This Tour was to Te Puia’s schools, the kiwi, mud pits, and geysers. Part 1: The School Te Puia is also the home of The New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute. This school has three parts:…… Continue reading Te Puia 2.0 – Te Rā – School and Sulfur in Rotorua, NZ

The San Juan Island

This week I went to the San Juan Island in Washington Sate. The tip of San Juan Island The San Juan Island has a rich history dating back to the Salish people who lived on the island for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. In 1859, a border dispute between the United States and…… Continue reading The San Juan Island

Busch Gardens

On Saturday I went to Busch Gardens. My favorite ride was Finnegan’s Flyer because of it’s calming stableness. For everything else you have to wait for forever to ride in the front but on Finnegan’s Flyer, everyone is in the front. Besides all the screaming, it is a very calming ride. I would deferentially recommend…… Continue reading Busch Gardens


This week, we made our way to Yorktown where the famous battle took place. In September of 1781, General George Washington and General Jean-Baptiste de Rochambeau led the Continental and French armies to converge on Yorktown, Virginia. There they found General Charles Cornwallis and his British army occupying a fortified position. The allied armies began…… Continue reading Yorktown


This week we went to Jamestown. Jamestown was founded in 1607 by a group of about 100 settlers who were seeking wealth and land. Life was difficult in the early days as the settlers struggled with disease, famine, and conflicts with the local Powhatan tribe. In 1676, Jamestown was burned down during Bacon’s Rebellion, a…… Continue reading Jamestown


Colonial Williamsburg is awesome: it has shops, taverns, stocks, a market, and most importantly, history. My sister playing the hoop and stick game. While we were waiting for our passes, we played the hoop and stick game. The hoop and stick game is a super fun game from the 1800s that children would play in…… Continue reading Williamsburg