Zorbing in Rotorua, NZ

On Wednesday, we went zorbing. If, like me, you have not researched activities to do in Rotorua, NZ, you are probably wondering what a zorb is and if it is some sort of Toy Story spin-off. Here is a photo:

You roll down a hill in that plastic ball with 40 liters of water and some of your siblings.

It turns out that rolling down a hill in a ball roughly 15 feet in diameter is actually fun. It is like a waterslide in a ball you can’t see out of with one to two other people, and the slide is constantly being taken out from under you, and you can’t stop or slow down; I loved it. When we got to to bottom, we stopped. I started to get out, but then it started rolling again. This was very surprising to me the first time, and I may have screamed. When they get you to where they want you, they open the zipper, and you kind of fall out. As it has been described, “It is like being born again.”

After we were done with a zorb ride, we were able to go to some hot tubs and chillax until we could go back up again. The best part about the whole experience, in my opinion, is that everything was very DIY; it was like a theme park with the amount of luxury but without the feeling that it was all manufactured in a factory.

Rating: ★★★★★ – I would go back and recommend it.