The Ark Encounter

The Ark

How Big Was It Actually?

Accordign to the bible, God commanded Noah to make an ark 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall. Unfortunately, the exact length of the type of cubit Noah used. The best we can do is us the knowledge that he maybe used something like a royal cubit, the measurement that was used in a lot of major ancient construction adventures, which was something like 20 inches long. The ark encounter estimated it to 20.4 inches long, making the ark 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet tall.

How Did Noah Fit Up To 6700 Animals In A Single Ship?

6 thousand 7 hundred is a big number, but you must keep in mind that most of the animals were birds and small creatures. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of the animals on the ark were flying creatures. This therefore, made it easier to contain most of the animals.

How Did 8 People Feed and Care for Up To 67 Hundred Animals For A Year?

Ingenuous Mechanics. The one thing all animals need to survive is water. Saying that the ark was in the middle of the ocean with a super-long 40-day rainstorm, they probably didn’t have any problems getting the water. The problem was storing it and getting it to the animals. we don’t know exactly how they did it, but it is possible that they used a series of large cisterns connected to long bamboo piping that ran to the animals water troughs. They most likely distributed the food on a every other day to weekly basis, depending on the animal’s eating habits. Plumbing was another issue. Liquid waste was probably the water system inverted, but instead of cisterns, the waste went into the ocean. But the solid wast would have been more of a problem. The most likely plan is manually, with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, but I have a personally have alternate theory that every now and then they would plug up the smaller liquid hole, and open up a bigger one, and then clean it up with a bucket of salt water.

How Did 8 People Build A Massive Ark Without Modern Day Technology and Tools?

Time and God-inspired strength. Building a massive ark is not something to shrug off in a few months, not even in today’s days of chainsaws, cranes, and super-large, super-sturdy, screw-in bolts. It was definitely not something that noah shrugged off easily. It took him 75-100 years to finish the ark. First, he had to cut down huge trees, and haul them to his building site. then he has to spend years moulding them into the right shape so they will fit in their exact place perfectly. Then, he has to go dig up some huge stone slabs and haul them to his building site so he can build the ark. Then he builds the frame on these stone slabs. Then he starts figuring out how to do all the engineering while putting in the floors, sides and cages. Somehow, he finishes this in just 75 or so years. Let’s say he can cut down 1 tree per day, and can hual two trees to the building site per day. If he needs a thousend trees then it would take him about 5 years just to have all of the trees near the building site. He needs to mould 100 trees for the bottom, and 1 tree takes 6 months to mould, and he can do 2 trees at a time. Thats another 20 years. Then, it takes 6 months to cut the stones, and another 6 months to move the stones to the building site. Now, it takes 20 years to put together the frame and build it onto the stones. The reson for this is thes logs ar huge, heavy timber, that need to be sawed, and moved into place. It takes 6 men plus all of today’s modern technology 2 days to just saw 1 log, so if you have 3 men, and hand saws, and 100 trees to saw, it becomes super time intensive. Possibly even 3-6 months, lets say 3, and that is where i get 20. Then you have to put on your siding, which means cutting logs, and nailing or screwing them onto the frame, so maybe 8 years, then your inside structures, maybe 8 years, flooring, 5 years, cages and living quarters, 7 years, plumbing and AC, 12 years. Finally, you have your roof and door, maybe 5 more years. If you add that all up, it should have taken him 96 years in all, and the fact that he went through with it shows an extreme level of faith in god, and a serious level of endurance and strength. This is something I personally admire, and with this I bId you A-due.

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