The Whales and Hermanus

Arriving in Hermanus

On Friday night, we arrived at Kleinmond at a cute little house on the seashore where the only heat source was a fire and the sun. We went to Wild Horse for dinner. On Saturday, I woke up to the whales. They were just outside, in the waves. On Sunday, we went to church. The Sunday before, we went to a bit of a dead church. By dead church, I mean not including ourselves, 12 people were going to the church, and there was no worship leader, so the tone-deaf pastor had to lead. Unfortunately, this church was maybe 200 years old, yet it had no congregation to fill it. We were worried we might pick another dead church, so we were very cautious at the start, but soon found it the most lively church we had ever been to.

Leaving Hermanus

After church, we took one of the pastor’s recommendations and went to Pear Tree Bistro for lunch. It was delicious, and I would give it a 5-star rating. After lunch, we did some shopping and then went home. We went to the southernmost point of Africa on Monday and left Hermanas on Tuesday. 

Me And My Family At Hermanus Waterfront

Cape of Good Hope

After leaving Hermanus, we went to the cape of good hope. Initially, the cape of good hope was named the cape of storms by Bartholomew Dias of Portugal. The king of Portugal decided it would be better to call it a cape of good hope. We visited the lighthouse at Cape Point, as well as the cape beach as well. It was gorgeous. However, I would recommend that anyone else set aside 30 minutes for the museum and gift shop because we missed those. 

Cape Point