Cape Town 2.0: Kayaking, Pier, and Paragliding


On Wednesday, we went kayaking in Cape Town. The funny thing about these kayaks was that they were two-seater and had rudders. My dad chose to sit in the back and control the rudder, which put me in the front. During the 2 hours we were kayaking, we saw two penguins and a lot of dolphins. Twice I was sprayed by a dolphin surfacing, and twice dolphins were so close, I could have reached out and touched them. It was magical. 


After the kayaking, we were scheduled to go paragliding, but it was too windy for that, so we went back to rest. After our rest, we went to a very fancy restaurant called Pier. This restaurant had a fixed menu of 11 courses for the chef’s experience, which we did. The first course was salmon tartar on a gluten-free cracker, which was surprisingly good. I do not like salmon, though I can keep it down, I cannot keep down raw fish of any kind, and I loved this dish. That is the kind of magic these chefs we’re working on. The next course was oyster, which to me was worse than raw salmon, and it had been two years since I had eaten one, but I had never tasted cooked oysters. They cooked the oysters in front of us, and ended up slurping the sauce after I downed them. It was truly incredible. The rest of the courses came and went, all very good, and there was only one thing I didn’t like: scallop. I had never eaten it before, but I didn’t like it. But, everything was very much enjoyed and left me hungry. I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their palate. 

The Cooked Oyster

Paragliding & the Bakery

The next day we went paragliding, which I was super worried about, but ended up loving. It was maybe a 5-minute flight, and I loved it, though I screamed a lot. The only truly scary thing was the pre-flight anxiety. Other than that, it was super chill. I Defenentaly recommend it. 

After we were done with paragliding, we headed off to find some lunch. My mom found a gluten-free bakery, so we decided to try and find that. Eventually, it turned into a 30-minute drive due to a false address. Ultimately, we got to the bakery and were greeted by Guten-free hevan. There was almost every pastry, plus pizza, pasta, bread, bagels, and much more. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is gluten-free. After lunch, we returned, and my mom and two siblings left. See you at my next destination!