Knoxville, TN


The car ride to Knoxville, from Raligh was long and hard. Our hotel that we were staying at was called Embassy Suites by Hilton Knoxville Downtown. This was out game plan for the night: eat dinner, maybe room service, and watch a movie.

The Good Stuff

Tacos! When we were considering what to eat for dinner, it came up that there was a taco restaurant downstairs, so we went there. this was kind of a big deal, because this was only my second taco eating since I went to africa. After dinner, we went to the movies.

Lyle, the Singing Crocodile

How good was it actually? It is good, and the main plot line is about an sining crocodile, which is kind of hard to mess up. All in all, I found it extremely exhilarating, and exiting, and would definitely.

After the movie, we were pooped, so we went to bed.

See You In Chicago!